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Chinese Lending Industry

In China, there are 1.2 billion mobile phone users, 650 million internet users, and 500 million smart phone users. Yet, only 290 million (22%) of Chinese people have credit access.

The Chinese marketplace lending industry is growing dramatically and countless numbers of companies have jumped in to take advantage of the opportunity. Unlike the competition, China Rapid Finance pioneered credit decisioning in China and is the only company with the time-tested and proven underwriting software and analytics demonstrated to realistically predict borrower credit worthiness.

An Underserved Market


China’s Population by Credit Access
1.37bn total, of which 650+ mm are Internet users


Low Consumer Credit Penetration
Non-Mortgage Credit to GDP (%)

Marketplace Growth


Chinese consumer finance represents a $3.4 trillion market


Marketplace transaction volume expected growth to almost $60bn by 2016