Our Products

Our mission is to serve the lifetime needs of EMMAs.

For Borrowers

diningWe offer two main forms of loans: Consumption and Lifestyle:


  • Consumption loans (principal amounts generally of up to RMB6,000, approximately US$900) are individual loans typically used for short-term consumption purposes.  EMMAs (learn more about our customers here) tend to use their first loan to pay for an important dinner, or to pay for an ecommerce purchase
  • As the needs of our EMMA customers evolve, we facilitate loans to finance larger (US$900 – $15,050), EMMAs usually use Lifetstyle loans for purchases such as travel, education and healthcare.


As we expand our network of partners, we plan to eventually offer additional flexible loan solutions to satisfy EMMA’s lifetime credit needs.

For Investors

Our marketplace provides an attractive investment opportunity for both domestic and international investors. By taking advantage of our proprietary predictive selection technology, variable pricing and automatic decisioning technology, investors are able to achieve attractive returns while diversifying their credit exposure to include EMMAs. Average returns on our marketplace are also higher than those achieved through other traditional investment channels in China, including bank deposits, insurance and wealth management products.

Source: PBOC, China Securities Depository & Clearing Corporation Limited, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Trustee Association data as of December 31, 2014, company data as of December 31, 2014.


China Rapid Finance prides itself on our compliance with regulatory requirements and adoption of industry best practices, including third-party audits, entrustment services with CCB transparent disclosure of all fees, interest rates and risks and timely and accurate reporting of account balances and fund flows.