Bringing Affordable Credit to China’s EMMAs
Emerging Middle-class, Mobile Active consumers

China Rapid Finance is an established leader and the largest and fastest growing consumer lending marketplace in China. The company has one of the most extensive multi-channel, offline and online lending platforms in China. With more than 2,000 employees and both investor service centers and data verification offices spanning 90+ cities, we have connected borrowers and investors to facilitate approximately $1.8 billion in loan volume since inception.

Marketplace Milestones

2001 - 2010
advised on issuing 100 million credit cards
2003 - 2005
advised PBOC on 1st credit bureau
Credit analytics for China’s leading banks
Launched marketplace
Launched mobile channel
Drafted self-regulatory document.
China Association of Microfinance
Named China’s “Best P2P
Microfinance Financial Service”
Launched mobile channel

Credit analytics for China’s leading banks

Advised on issuing 100 million credit cards

Advised PBOC on 1st credit bureau

Launched marketplace

Drafted self-regulatory document, China Association of Microfinance

Named China’s “Best P2P Microfinance Financial Service”

Launched mobile channel with Tencent

Launched mobile channel with Baidu

largest & fastest growing consumer lending marketplace in China


borrowers served


loans facilitated


borrower repeat rate

As Of Dec. 31, 2016

EMMA: China’s Emerging Middle class Mobile Active population numbering nearly 500 million people

  • Who Is EMMA

    Who Is EMMA

    + 18 to 29 years old + employed + well educated + lives in a city + avid mobile internet user

  • EMMA

    EMMA's Credit Need

    + Despite quality career and stable income, EMMA has no credit history + Chinese banks will not/cannot make loans to EMMA

  • Finding EMMA

    Finding EMMA

    + China Rapid Finance is first to partner with China’s major internet platforms to identify, select and contact creditworthy EMMAs through multiple data channels + Lower customer acquisition cost compared to other customer acquisition models

China Rapid Finance is the first to partner with China’s major Internet platforms to identify, select and contact creditworthy EMMAs through multiple data channels at lower customer acquisition costs than its competition. Through our predictive selection technology, we identify those EMMAs most likely to repay loans and confidently can serve EMMAs’ evolving lifetime credit needs.


China Rapid Finance enables EMMAs to first obtain credit, and then to establish credit histories that enable them to lower their borrowing costs and increase their options for obtaining larger loans over time. EMMAs have demonstrated loyalty to and appreciation for the platform’s convenience, ease of use, flexibility and security. Future agreements with more internet platforms, consumer retail companies, online travel agencies, telecommunication and payment service providers will allow us to continually reach and assess more potentially creditworthy borrowers. As an online finance lending marketplace, China Rapid Finance has recently changed its focus to crypto mining. Given the fact that cryptocurrencies are soaring to new heights, a number of businesses have shifted their focus to cryptocurrency mining and trading. Traders can trade efficiently on the go with software like Bitcoin Gemini. No human participation is required because the app continuously analyses market value and executes trades on time. Go check out this page to understand more about trading with this automated software.

China represents the world’s largest untapped consumer credit market. China Rapid Finance is using EMMAs’ digital footprint, combined with the company’s unique technology, to fill this massive economic void. In addition to the consumer credit market, it's worth noting the rising popularity of casino games in China. The demand for 무료슬롯게임 (free slot games) and other forms of online gambling have seen a notable increase in recent years. With advancements in technology and the accessibility of online platforms, Chinese players now have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of free slot games from the comfort of their own homes.


    By selectively targeting borrowers, China Rapid Finance is able to reduce acquisition costs, minimize fraud, and improve risk quality


    Using proprietary algorithms evolved over 15 years to analyze alternatively sourced, unstructured online social, search, transaction, and browser big data. Continuously “testing & learning” from results to further refine algorithms and optimally pre-screen and select borrowers most likely to repay loans


    Once borrowers have been selected, we apply our proprietary automated decisioning technologies to create application scores, fraud scores and response scores that inform specific loan recommendations (e.g., recommended size, term and interest rate)

Our mission is to bring consumer finance to China’s emerging middle class. We use technology to serve our customers anywhere, anytime, and we have the most extensive customer reach via our multi-data, multi-channel partner model. We are the leader in using big data algorithms to derive credit scores for China’s emerging middle class. With Predicative Selection Technology and Automated Decision Technology we can acquire high-quality customers at scale and at the industry’s lowest cost, while providing our customers with products to serve their lifetime credit needs. China Rapid Finance has a proven track record in corporate governance and risk management, and a tradition of transparency and regulatory compliance.


Dr. Zane Wang

Founder, CEO & Chairman

Prior to founding China Rapid Finance, Dr. Wang worked in the United States and served as the head of analytics for Sears Credit, the world’s largest retail credit portfolio. Upon returning to China, Dr. Wang advised the People’s Bank of China on the creation of a national credit bureau and the first functioning credit bureau in Shanghai. It has been Dr. Wang’s dream and goal to bring affordable credit to the emerging middle class in China for more than 2 decades.


Kerry Shen

Chief Financial Officer

Kerry Shen is the Chief Financial Officer of China Rapid Finance.  He joined China Rapid Finance from Neuventure Financial Advisors where he served as CEO. Neuventure provided financial due diligence services to private equity firms and venture capitalists. Prior to Neuventure, Mr. Shen was an auditor in Arthur Andersen’s Shanghai and Hamburg offices.