Our Approach

China Rapid Finance is the largest and fastest growing consumer lending marketplace in China in terms of number of loans facilitated.


According to the People’s Bank of China, or the PBOC, as of the end of 2014, there were approximately 500 million individuals with quality employment records but no credit history. We view these individuals, who also regularly use mobile devices, as our target market and refer to them as EMMAs (Emerging Middle-class,
Mobile Active consumers). We generate recurring fee revenue from borrowers and investors, including transaction and service fees for loans facilitated on our marketplace.


To find and attract EMMAs, China Rapid Finance has developed China’s definitive proprietary credit assessment and pre-screening technology featuring its: Predictive Selection Technology and Automated Decisioning Technology.


  • Payment data provided by its institutional and payment system partners
  • Credit data developed over more than 5 years facilitating loans to Chinese consumers
  • Social data assembled through partnerships with multiple internet companies. We are also building multiple channels with online travel agencies, online group-buy and shopping platforms, online gaming companies, online e-commerce platforms and payment service providers to enable us to reach more potential qualified EMMA borrowers.
  • Anti-fraud and collection information collected through an extensive network of offline data verification centers (90+ cities)


    By selectively targeting borrowers, China Rapid Finance is able to reduce acquisition costs, minimize fraud, and improve risk quality


    Using proprietary algorithms evolved over 15 years to analyze alternatively sourced, unstructured online social, search, transaction, and browser big data. Continuously “test & learn” from results to further refine algorithms and optimally pre-screen and select borrowers most likely to repay loans


    Once borrowers have been selected, we apply our proprietary automated decisioning technologies to create application scores, fraud scores and response scores that inform specific loan recommendations (e.g., recommended size, term and interest rate)

In addition to reaching and serving EMMAs online and via mobile devices, as of June 30, 2016, we have 104 data verification centers in 94 cities across 23 provinces and four municipalities in China, and 6 investor service centers throughout China. The data verification centers give us the ability to collect and verify traditional and non-traditional sources of data, such as bank records, utility and phone bills, place of employment and condition of residences. The data from these various sources allow us to continuously refine and develop our predictive selection, credit scoring and automated decisioning technologies. In addition, this network supports our platform’s fraud mitigation efforts and strengthens the reliability of our marketplace.