Our Customers


EMMA: Emerging Middle class Mobile Active population numbering nearly 500 million people

Our mission is to use our proprietary technology to create a marketplace that fulfills the lifetime consumer credit needs of China’s emerging middle class and provides investors with attractive returns.


Our customers include both EMMAs (Emerging Middle-class, Mobile Active consumers) and Investors who seek access to untapped borrowers at attractive returns that are less correlated with general market trends, and to whom transparent reporting and payment practices are important.


*  When we launched larger and longer term consumption loans with principle amounts of between 500RMB (approximately US$75) and RMB6,000 (approximately US$900) and terms of one to three months.


(1) Represents the average aggregate lifetime borrowing of borrowers of consumption loans on our platform as a function of the number of months the borrowers have been on our platform.



China Rapid Finance has developed a sophisticated “Predictive Selection Technology” in order to target potential credit consumers. “Automated Decisioning Technology” is then applied to develop risk assessments of the borrowers based on their application scores, fraud scores, and response scores. If approved, EMMAs can receive funds within one hour via all mobile devices. This technology is successfully used for loans under a 3-month term and less than $900.




If a loan term is greater than 3 months or greater than $900, China Rapid Finance requires additional data verification. Currently the company maintains data verification centers across China where loan decisions are based on multiple algorithms, not employee discretion. EMMAs can quickly qualify for larger and longer term loans at one of these centers enabling them to obtain lifestyle loans for purchases such as cars, education and housing.


With both an online and offline strategy, China Rapid Finance can build a relationship with EMMAs while ensuring risk reduction as these relationships matures.