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These frequently asked questions are designed to help you gain a better understanding of China Rapid Finance. For further assistance, please contact us.

China Rapid Finance is poised to become the leading marketplace lender in China. We welcome your questions. Please contact us.

When was China Rapid Finance founded?

China Rapid Finance was founded in 2001.

Where is China Rapid Finance headquartered?

China Rapid Finance is headquartered in Shanghai. In addition, the company has offices in more than 70 cities across China.

How can I get more information/contact someone at China Rapid Finance?

Please visit our Inquire page.

How many employees work at China Rapid Finance

China Rapid Finance employs approximately 4,000 people.

What is China Rapid Finance's average loan size?

As of December 31 2013, the average loan size originated on the China Rapid Finance marketplace lending platform was US$6,500.

Does China Rapid Finance offer a marketplace lending platform outside of China?

No, China Rapid Finance’s platform is dedicated to the Chinese market.

Who are China Rapid Finance’s competitors?

The marketplace lending industry has been growing rapidly in China and there are many companies that compete in the space. No company in China’s marketplace lending industry has been operating for as long as China Rapid Finance, nor does any other company have an established offline branch network as well as an online platform.

As of March, 31 2015, China Rapid Finance became the first lender in China to offer borrowers pre-approved loans over mobile devices. These loans were delivered to the borrowers in under 2 hours and with no paperwork required.